What is it?

An online space that your suppliers will access to complete the invoices they issue you through assisted forms. All invoices generated by your suppliers in this portal can be automatically integrated into your ERP, like the rest of the invoices received.

Who is it for?

Portal designed for companies that want to provide their suppliers with an online environment for generating invoices in a simple and intuitive way.

How does it work?

  • Personalization of the area with your graphic image (logo, color, font, etc.).
  • Internal communication chat with your suppliers.
  • Personalized forms to generate invoices (compulsory fields, validations, etc.).
  • All invoices generated by your suppliers are saved on the platform for the period required by law.
  • Personalization of invoice status control.
  • comeDiFact digitally signs all invoices generated by your suppliers according to current legislation.

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