Benefits of the Electronic Invoice

Having an electronic invoicing system, whether manual or integrated, brings great benefits to companies. We summarize them in these points:

More +

  • Productivity of key departments

    Productivity of key departments
  • Integration of management systems

    Integration of management systems
  • Security and speed in transactions

    Security and speed in transactions
  • Optimization of administrative processes

    Optimization of administrative processes
  • Improve the visibility and traceability of your operations

    Improve the visibility and traceability of your operations
  • Control of document status

    Control of document status

Less -

  • Invoice processing costs

    Invoice processing costs
  • Average validation time

    Average validation time
  • Risk of fraud

    Risk of fraud
  • Risk of human errors

    Risk of human errors
  • Storage costs

    Storage costs
  • Environmental impact

    Environmental impact



Create and Grow Law

The entry into force of the Create and Grow Law incorporates a new legal framework making the interchange of electronic invoices obligatory between companies and freelance.

  • All companies and freelancers will have to issue and receive electronic invoices in their business relations.
  • The electronic invoices should contemplate that included in the current legislation on matters of Electronic Invoicing.
  • Companies and freelancers should have a technological platform so clients can manage their invoices for free during a general limitation period of 4 years.
  • It also contemplates a specific penalty regime for not offering customers the possibility of receiving electronic invoices or not allowing their download.

Create and Grow Law

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