Issuer scenario

With comeDiFact, you can send all your invoices in a single format and each of your clients will receive them in the format they need and through the channel they require.

Receiver scenario

comeDiFact receives all invoices from your suppliers, whatever the format and reception channel, and processes them so that they can be automatically integrated with your ERP. In addition, it has a complete workflow for managing the validation flow.

Why are we the best option?

Connected to the world

  • Public Administrations and SER

    Platform connected with all local, autonomous and state public administrations, without forgetting to go through the SER (Single Electronic Registry) if necessary.

    Public Administrations and SER
  • Interconnected with other platforms.

    We promote interoperability with other platforms so you can exchange invoices with customers and suppliers wherever they are.

    Interconnected with other platforms.
eDiversa Group
Connected company

eDiversa Group

We have been experts in electronic document interchange for 20 years. We began our journey with EDI and over time we have become a benchmark as a comprehensive provider of solutions for electronic document interchange and document management.

Clients eDiversa Group

Grupo Anaya
Ametller Origen
Hill-Rom Iberia
Watts Industries Iberica
Fujireibo IBERIA
Iscar Ibérica
Hine Renovables
Aura energia
Getinge Group spain
Universidad Miguel Hernández
Procubitos Europe
Glycorex transplantation
Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
Lantegi Batuak

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