Is the electronic invoice the first step towards business digitalization?

Is the electronic invoice the first step towards business digitalization?

Business digitalization is the order of the day. Due to the pandemic, many companies are convinced of the importance of having digital tools that facilitate both communication and business management processes.

Also, it seems that going digital is finally understood as a change in mentality. Putting the customer and their experience with the company at the center of everything and taking advantage of technology to improve processes and adapt to consumer demands are basic premises in any digitization process.

Where does the process of business digitalization begin?
The first and most essential step for the digitization of a company is the technological training of all its personnel, both in terms of devices and knowledge.

Once the necessary knowledge and equipment have been acquired to carry out a digitization plan, the next step is the progressive elimination of paper replaced by digital tools. Electronic invoicing is included at this stage.

If we want comprehensive digitization, we cannot be satisfied with simply transferring all invoices issued or received, past, present or future, to an electronic format. What we should do is establish a whole electronic invoicing process that streamlines the entire circuit, from the creation of the invoice to its acceptance by the recipient and subsequent collection.

Why implement the electronic invoice?
The electronic invoice has many advantages over its paper version. The clearest ones are:

-Cost and space reduction
-Less environmental impact
-Decrease in errors
-Better relationship customer-supplier

Also, opting for electronic invoicing also allows you exhaustive control over the entire invoicing process, from the creation of the invoice to its acceptance by the recipient. Cloud solutions facilitate access to all invoices, at any time and from anywhere. Electronic invoices also guarantee the authenticity of their origin and the legal validity of their content.
Now that you know the benefits the electronic invoice has, the next step is to learn how to start the change. And this is what we’re going to explain. Shall we start?

Solutions for all types of companies
In eDiversa Group, we take companies through their digital transformation process. In the case of electronic invoicing, we offer our clients solutions adapted to their every need. If the volume of invoices you manage is not very high, we will offer you a manual solution that is easy to use and very economical. If you manage a high volume of invoices, our platform will integrate with your ERP and send the invoices to their recipients, in the format they want, without you spending a lot of time and effort.

If you prefer your customers access a customized web site with your brand to download their invoices, eDiversa Group offer the Personalized Portal solution. Also, if you receive a lot of invoices and need your suppliers to access a form to fill out their invoices in an easy and safe way, we have the option of Portal for suppliers. In this scenario of invoice reception, our portals incorporate a customized workflow that will manage all the internal management of invoices. Contact us and we’ll inform you of all the available options.

Another initial step in the digital transformation process is the creation of a website that meets the demands of the market. Our Custom Development team will study your digital needs and transform them into a web project that meets them. In addition, our developments incorporate a custom CMS, so you don't have to depend on us every time you want to update your website.

One more advantage of hiring your Custom Development with eDiversa Group is that we help you in the management of the subsidy for R+D+I given by the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy. The Ministry subsidizes the projects that use innovation and companies can recuperate up to 59% of their investment. eDiversa Group, we’ll put you in contact with the agents from the Chamber of Commerce in order to carry out all the necessary procedures for the subsidy. Are you interested? We’re here for you!