• How to choose an Electronic Invoice provider?

    After the passing the Law of Business Creation and Growth, better known as “Create and Grow” (“Crea y Crece”), the use of the Electronic Invoice has become mandatory for commercial relations between companies and freelancers. This measures intends to create a better traceability and control among transactions with the objective of tackling non-payments and reducing payment periods.

  • What does the technical regulation template of the Create and Grow Law say about the Electronic Invoice

    Last September, Law 18/2022 on Creation and Growth was published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE), which, as a key measure, imposes the use of the Electronic Invoice in the commercial relations of companies and freelancers. This point of the Law has generated great expectation, because it will mean that all companies will have to use a software that responds to this new legal requirement.

  • The Electronic Invoice comes with new obligations for companies

    The imminent entry into force of the Crea y Crece Law has been very well received in the national business sector. Among its new features, the most applauded are the ease of forming Limited Liability Companies and the new measures for the fight against late payment.

  • Business digitalization and new document management formulas

    2020 was a year of changes and adaptation par excellence with the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating many processes. Digitization was one of the pending tasks for companies, which was forced to urgently be attended to.

  • Is the electronic invoice the first step towards business digitalization?

    Business digitalization is the order of the day. Due to the pandemic, many companies are convinced of the importance of having digital tools that facilitate both communication and business management processes.

  • The United States looks at Europe to establish the use of the electronic invoice

    All too often we think of the United States as being ahead of Europe, especially in economic or technical matters. In this post, we want to talk about an aspect in which the positions are exactly the opposite. This is because the United States has started a pilot project to implement the use of electronic invoicing in its B2B relations. And to do this, they have been inspired by PEPPOL, the standard developed in Europe.

  • The Electronic Invoice will be mandatory in Spain

    The Council of Ministers has approved a bill that will affect all companies and freelancers in the country. It is the Law of Creation and Growth, which will come into force in the next months, and whose main objective is to boost production investment, innovation and modernization of companies.

  • The Anti-Fraud Law proposes new requirements for corporate billing systems

    On numerous occasions, we have talked about the impulse that the Create and Grow Law will have on the Electronic Invoice. But this isn’t the only law that will affect this document.