What is it?

Contractors and subcontractors should abide by the Contracts law 9/2017.

The Contracts Law establishes the obligation to electronically invoice the contracting of services to subcontractors by a main contractor, within the framework of a public bidding process and provided that the amount of the invoice exceeds 5,000 euros.

How does it work?

Subcontractors must issue their invoices in Facturae format and send them to the Single Electronic Register (REU). For their part, the contractor must invoice the Public Administration through any General Entry Point, as they have been doing the last few years.

How can we help you?

comeDiFact connected to the Single Electronic Register

  • For subcontractors: The platform manages the process of generation and delivery of invoice files. The integrated version of comeDiFact links to the ERP, transforms the invoices to the specific form required by the Public Administration (Facturae) and delivers them to the Single Electronic Register. (REU).
  • For contractors: comeDiFact automatically connects to the Single Electronic Register to collect the invoices sent to the contractor. It can also link to the ERP to automate the entire process. On the other hand, the contractor will continue to send its invoices to the different Electronic Invoice General Entry Points of the Public Administration through comeDiFact.