Business digitalization and new document management formulas

Business digitalization and new document management formulas

2020 was a year of changes and adaptation par excellence with the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating many processes. Digitization was one of the pending tasks for companies, which was forced to urgently be attended to.

Juan Cisa, director and co-founder of the eDiversa Group, explains his point of view on business digitalization and also electronic document interchange. Cisa, who has been in the technology sector for more than 30 years, has lived the evolution of the digital era first-hand.

March 2020 started the new phase in companies and in the eDiversa Group it wasn’t any different, teleworking went from an idea to a fact. According to Juan Cisa “we’d been thinking about incorporating the concept of teleworking for a long time and the pandemic just sped it up by 10 years, but it would have happened anyway”. The implementation of this new concept was carried out in just a week, because “being a tech company, creating the tools for working from home was not very complicated”, remembers our director.

Everything indicates that teleworking is a practice that is here to stay. Cisa highlights the fact that "people save a lot of time in commuting, they can work more calmly with fewer interruptions, and technology provides us with many tools to replace personal contact". At eDiversa Group, the reception of teleworking has been very positive and it is already part of the "new normal". We have implemented a mixed model of office attendance which, depending on the choice of each employee, varies starting from a required minimum of 20% in person attendance.

The sudden onset of Covid-19 caused many companies to interact exclusively in a virtual or digital manner therefore accelerating their digital transformation. In the interchange of commercial documents between companies, Cisa affirms that “Spain in a country that is quite digitalized on a European level. There are countries that don’t have the electronic invoice implemented and here it’s been mandatory since 2015 in relations with the Public Administrations. In fact, this year will see the entry into force of the law which, within three years, will make the use of e-invoicing compulsory for all businesses and self-employed persons".

Covid-19 undeniably has created many changes in our daily lives. The business world seemed like it was going to be turned upside-down but really, it just has accelerated a process that was just beginning. Although the digitalization process for the eDiversa Group has been relatively quick, many companies see this change as something quite complicated.